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Yay! Boys Kissing!

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I know I should be writing. . .
And I kind of am, I swear, but I got this bee in my bonnet and HAD to make a picture. And it has been reconfirmed that my photoshop skillz are lacking.

Or non-existant.
I really need to have Brian photoshop tutor me this weekend.

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I am never sure if I should be cheering you on when you try PS or slightly nervous.

I know!

Nervously cheering *nod*

Nervously cheering is probably a good bet. This new photoshop what you helped us to get is confusing and my new shitty avatar is proof of that.

Also, writing a kind and sensitive Basil if fucking hard and I'm remembering why I deleted shit, but I'm a big girl now and I'm muddling through.

Yeah .. umm ... about the avatar ... if you hold down shift while dragging to resize it will constrain the sizes and you won't get things going all stretched on you. Also, constrain proportions when generally rezising the image with any of the number fields.

It's cute that you think I understand any of that.

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