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bowie hands face
Ok, why didn't ANYONE tell me that Malcolm Landgraab makes HIDEOUS BABIES? WHYYYYYY?

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No, I wasn't. I for serious didn't know XD. I don't listen to other people's gameplay with the characters that come with the game cause I never use them. Oh well. It's funny and the kids and I are having fun with our ugly legacy babies XD.

Things are good. Working on a new fanvid. I made Brian and the kids laugh, so that's a good sign. And I'm hoping, after the house is quiet, that I'll be working on the next story chapter.

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My youtube name and lj name are the same, so I'm easy to find.

And as for the next chapter...srsly? You think you're going to be any happier with what I throw at you? Cause, you're totally not :P.

(Deleted comment)
But ... but .... it's good to be bad.

*headdesk* (why oh why did I delete my basil icon?)

See, never delete a good basil icon. His face comes in handy much of the time.

:( I haven't bought a subscription at DW yet, and I had to get the amount of upics down to 15 or every post would have had Tel's face when I imported ... :(

I traded "I ♥ Evil Basil" for not having Tel's face on every post .... *sob*

Good XD. I don't write happy endings..ever.

Ok, there was that once, wait, twice. But after that? Not ever.

(Deleted comment)
No, just too happy and boring. Blech... give me some drama and tragedy XD.

(Deleted comment)
I learned that one the hard way too. Bleh.

It's the most absent a nose can be without being absent...

The key to making pretty Malcolm babies is to breed him with those even more hideous.

Not joking.

Sezic + Malcolm = 2 Absolutely gorgeous girls.

No idea what happened with a certain pleasantries character who also is not hideous (Like at all). Course he is also like a clone of his mother so that may have had a lot to do with it.

The breeding with Malcolm was just sort of an accident anyway. Public woo hoo gone wrong. But, then he actually liked her and was all "I lov-ed herrrrrrr". So, I figured what the heck...now I have a creepy looking toddler and an infant I'm scared to death of aging up.

I am not loling, I swear.

*snigger* scared of a toddler ...

I have pictures...It's frightening.

why have I not seen these pictures yet?????????

Cause I just have the one or two? And I only just took them?

*taps foot* ... waiting .... :P

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