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I am a horrible person and I'm pretty sure my husband hates me.
We got a dog from the animal shelter. A beautiful dog, a loving dog, a dog we fell absolutely in love with.............except she attacked my other dog...and my cats.
We took her back. They said they'd find a home for her, but don't they always say that?

I don't deserve to have pets. And the headache I will have today from crying yesterday isn't nearly the amount of physical pain I should be suffering.
I suck.

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No you don't. We talked about this. It is NOT your fault your house was not a fit for her. It is a no kill shelter, they WILL find her a home where she can be an only pet and be happy.

I still feel like shit on someone's shoe. And Brian refuses to look or speak at me.

Being the grownup in this house is such a shitty shitty job.

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