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What is going on?
So, I decided, after re-installing the game on this pretty cool computer my husband bought for me, that I'd do a photo shoot.

This was evidently a bad idea.
I have no idea what has happened to my game. Nothing stays on the grid, I can't put things on walls, I've lost my freeze time clock, and of the crapton of pics I took, only 3 show up in the folder.

This is frustrating on so many levels, but mostly it's scary because I'm still in the process of writing Elven Glade, so my picture taking ability is important.

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See, I have already been on a sort of unplanned hiatus/writer's block/computer can't handle this shizz yo.. XD.

I'm just confused because these problems are all new ones for me. I sort of long for the days where I couldn't figure out how to keep my staircases from fading when I zoomed in LOL XD.

(Deleted comment)
I'm trying to stay positive. I mean, the writer's block seems to have gone away, so I'm just gonna focus on that....for now XD

(Deleted comment)
I know right? Writer's block is just horrible for us all sometimes. Super bonus: I found all my notebooks so I've got my family trees and ages and political dynamics again! I don't have to sit like an idiot trying to remember how old Basil and Beau are, and what Lauria's friggin' deal is..now I can just pop open my books and go "Oh! Duh...yeah that thing". XD

Yikes!! D: Do you have a backup of all files just in case? *speaking of which I need to back my own -twitches-*
Is it just the game stuffing up or just certain objects? >.< Seems really crappy how only 3 showed up. Retaking pics and remaking things is a pain in the ass :(
I hope you get it figured out!! I'm really eager to see a new chapter soon :)

Well, I can't get anything to snap to the grid, so I can't put things on the walls. That and if I place an object oddly, then the sims can't get to them. Very frustrating.
Also, I made a couple of new sims and they aren't showing up in bodyshop or simpe, so I have no idea how to possibly package and share them now.
Those are really the biggies.
My pictures did finally show up where they were supposed to, but so far only for one neighborhood. Thank goodness it was the ElvenGlade hood.

Hm, maybe the game set 'snaptogrid' to 'false' as a default somewhere? maybe an item downloaded is doing this, or a hack? (try this maybe: http://www.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=345747)
The part about Sims not showing up in SimPE sucks >.< Did you try reinstalling everything?
Good thing the pictures showed up though!! :)
I hope you get it sorted, it sounds really frustrating!! :(

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