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What on earth did they do to my livejournal?

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They killed it. because (and no, this is totally not a conspiracy theory) they plan to turn ALL of LJ into the platform they use it for in Russia thus making it all about branding and other things that are more like e-commerce and NOT like a journal.

Sad really.


Where will I put my random whining and rare story updates!

(Deleted comment)
Yeah but....my story is already Here *stomp stomp*

You're taking the fun out my perfectly unreasonable whining :P

(Deleted comment)
This is where the "fun" comes in .... DW will copy all of that (including the comments) over for you. YOu just gotta ask them to and wait a few hours.

I don't have a dreamwidth...I suppose I'll have to start looking into that.

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